Wednesday, April 15, 2009

You are My Sister

Dear Amy,

I have gotten to see a lot of the boys here lately, and I enjoy every minute I got to see their big eyes and bright blonde hair. They look so much like you it isn't funny. I can you see it in their smile and the words Luke says. We have had a lot of fun lately too. Both my kids and Luke got to jump for hours on the trampoline and play PS3 with Uncle Derek.

I also was blessed to have the boys for two days while you were having surgery. I heard they were taking you in a day early so I franticly called your phone so you could talk to the boys. Luke probably thought I was crazy because I came sprinting in the living room out of breath telling him he HAD to call his mom. I let you talk to Luke and he kept saying, “I love you mommy … I love you Mommy”, then he got too engrossed as four year old do, and handed the phone back to me while he was playing the Wii.

He kept yelling at me because he couldn't shoot the deer and wanted me to do it. He kept saying, “Shoot dem big ol BUCKS Aunt Jewy” So cute!

I then put the phone on speaker and held it up by Carter. As soon as you started to speak his bright eyes grew bigger and he just started grinning from ear to ear. It amazed me how he knew your voice over the phone. He kept doing the AhhhAWwww thing and trying to love on the phone. Then he started to bounce! Saying, "Mamamamama" Then it was time to let you go because they were taking you back to surgery. I could hear the crack in your voice and the love you have for Luke and Carter and I started crying too.

The boys were so happy to see you on Easter Sunday when you came home. Luke loves you very much and the whole time he was at my house he kept telling me he was going to go see his mommy as soon as he left my house. Carter, on the other hand, just squealed and squeaked and laughed and lit up. There’s nothing like baby love. He knows every inch of your face, your voice and everything about you. He just kissed all over you. That kind of love still amazes me.

Both your kids love you unconditionally …. as they should. I stand back from the outside looking in at everything and I am so taken back by how strong you are Amy. You are a great Mother, and a good friend, but most of all... YOU are, and always have been … the best sister I could ever have.

I love you so much Amy!

Juli Lomas

~It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect. ~Psalm 18:32

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  1. I am so glad you are home again with your children. I feel I know you all through Tanya, so many pictures and posts on her site over the years..
    I have candles lit and Healing energy's being sent to you..
    Brightest Blessings..