Thursday, July 23, 2009

Amy - You're Beautiful!

Dear Amy,
I was so proud of you for being brave enough to come alone to Joey and Mariah's wedding Saturday.   I know it was hard for you ... but you still are our family, and it was good to be there with us.
It's been a while since I've updated here,  and I know this blog never got off of the ground.  You had great intentions, but I also know that a few months ago you were reeling with emotions.  You still are, and your life now revolves around trying to be a Mother, a Daughter, a Sister, a Friend and Chemo.
You look good.  Beautiful, Peaceful, and  no longer haunted by your future.  As hard as it is ... and it is, you are doing well today.  I'm so happy for you that you're fairly tolerating the Chemo, and I hate it for you that you have so much more of it left to go and the uncertainty of your every days. 
If only we could go back and change the past .... if only we could see and know what our tomorrows bring, so much would have changed, and maybe you wouldn't be going through this.  I guess I'm still not past the what if's.  I'm not in your place, but I will always be here for you.
Mainly,  even through this hard time ... you've found something so far bigger than anything you've ever known.  You've found love.  True deep love.  Not that you never had it before ... but right now in your life, it is greater and better than ever.  It's the love for your boys.
I love you Amy.


  1. Happy to hear an update on Amy, have had her on my mind a lot...Still in my prayers

  2. Your picture is beautiful and I am keeping you in my prayers. Mona

  3. I have had Amy on my mind so much in the past few weeks and so glad to see an update! Im keeping you and your family in my prayers daily! Always remember with GOD ALL things are possible

  4. So glad to get an update...I pray daily for you glad you are doing fairly well...Keep it up....

  5. Amy you look fantastic! So glad you got to go to the wedding. It is wonderful to see an update on you and hope you get better each day. I think of you and my pray for you daily.

  6. Been thinking about you, Amy. Good to hear an update, especially knowing you're have peace. Wishing you beautiful days ahead with your boys, full of more love and peace. Beautiful picture by the way!

  7. Still praying and following your blog - Rest in the LORD and His love for you.