Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Almost Home ...

Dear Amy ...

Even though I don't get to see you much anymore, I know that you know that I love you.  You will always be a daughter to me.  I know that you're so weak now and so tired and your battle is soon coming to an end.  You have so many people praying for you and I know you feel it.  I'm asking God to lift you up in his hand and show you how worthy you are, that you always were and always will be.  I'm praying that you as you leave this world, you leave it knowing that every single little thing that you've done as a Mother was in love for your boys, that they will always feel your arms around them and you will always be with them all of their life.  I will encourage them to always talk to you and hear your advice from Heaven, because I know that Heaven is where you will be, and I know with all the love that they have for you, they will hear you when it's quiet and when they need that closeness to you.  You made beautiful smart babies Amy, and they are going to be okay.  We'll make sure of that.  Josh and Jessie will always make sure that Luke and Carter know you and love you.

I believe with all of my heart that God is with you in this journey, and he loves you so much.  When you are too tired to go on, it's okay to close your eyes and go with him.  He won't let you down.

You're almost home Amy, and you're going to be healed ... in Heaven.

I love you!

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