Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kisses for Mommy

I loved the look on your face when I gave you this picture last night.  You had never seen it before.  I should have given it to you sooner.  You look so pretty here, and when Carter kissed your picture and said, "My Mommy" you had the greatest smile on your face.  This is how they see you ... so pretty, smiling and you'll always be their Mommy.  Praying for you Amy and praying that somehow God will heal you here on Earth long before you go to Heaven ...  but knowing that no matter what, all the pain will be healed in Heaven and you will be in God's arms full of laughter and be so perfect.

Love,  Tannie


  1. Amy,
    You may not remember me but I lived next door to you on fourth street. I remember playing together when we were younger. I am praying for you each and everyday and I hope that you have peace in these trying times. We love you and are thinking of you!
    Kassie Jamison

  2. Amy, Im sure you dont know me but you are a very amazing young woman, You have touched so many hearts with your love, strength and your will to survive,You inspire me to see that no matter what tries to bring you down,If you believe faith shall conqure all. Thank you for sharing your journey to survive and over come the things in life that trys to hold you down. my heart,and prayers are with you and your loved ones. If each and everyone of us could take your pain away we would, I am going to do the one thing that GOD told me I can do, Im going to fold my hands get down on my knees and Im going to pray that god drys your eyes, touches your heart and kisses your head and lets you know that you are safe and you can close your eyes and know that your boys are going to be fine! Sincerly,Crystal Tennis